my reality 1:1

life-sized full body scans / 2012
My reality 1:1 from René Stalder on Vimeo.

With my scan technique i created a really unique look with people frozen in time.
With the project "My People - My reality 1:1" I'm creating 13 life-sized full body scans
of my closest friends, girlfriends and family members. The example of my selection
shows my perspective on reality and creates awareness, of a situation in which we all
are surrounded by millions of people but will only know and get close to very few of them.
I scan those who are or were close to me, step by step. With this i try to develop an
imaginary space of my immediate personal reality.

20. - 29 April 2012
Muenstergasse 3 in Bern, Switzerland.
Soon Gallery

25. - 28 Oktober 2012
JUNGKUNST in Winterthur, Switzerland.

NZZ Artikel
Kulturagenda Artikel

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